Our Holiday Party

It’s almost that time of year again… time for me to “fly south” for Christmas. It’s the only trip i ever get to take sans the work laptop so i’m pretty pumped about that. BUT, additionally… this year my best childhood friend, Crystal Orr, is getting married on New Year’s Eve. So my trip home is being shifted back a few days (i arrive in Texas on Christmas eve), but that just means i get to stay a few days later. Will & I will celebrate together on Friday before i leave, but we wanted the chance to enjoy all our friends too before the holidays take us in different directions. So we hosted a party at our apartment. An intimate gathering of our favorite people – it was a blast!

Our Tree 🙂

I had originally ordered Delicious Tamales from San Antonio for the party. I even paid $40 extra for 3 day shipping, but when i called to confirm the delivery date they told me it would take 10 days, bummer! So my foodie co-worker (& local celebrity blogger), Chris Preovolos, had this bright idea: “Why don’t we just make them ourselves??”… Ummm, because i have no idea how to!! Could we pull it off??

Thanks to Chris’s cooking skills & about 8 hours of assembly & steaming we ended up with some amazingly “delicious tamales” here in CT. Having access to La Marqueta (the chain of Spanish grocers here in Southern Fairfield County) was a huge help as well. Oh yes, and we also had a festive photo booth set up. Here are a few of the highlights from Santa’s Studio:

  • Elf Lee
  • Julia & Diana
  • Special Lil Elf Stef
  • Santa Len

Lucas Loves the East Coast!

Exactly 12 months after we met Lucas in DC, he planned another east coast Halloween trip… but this time, he landed in Stamford, CT!! He’s been talking about visiting ever since i moved here and finally he made it a reality.

We started the weekend out with dinner & drinks in lower Manhattan. Then Lee took him out all night in search of some NYC ladies. On Saturday, we were back in CT for a Pizza Crawl. To make it even more interesting, Old Man Winter showed up a few months early in the form of a freak snow storm! But that didn’t stop us from enjoying a surplus of pie at the 4 most famous pizza establishments in New Haven, CT (arguably the best in the nation).

A Priest and a Spaniard walk into a bar...

The snow storm shut down the metro rail so we had no way to get into the city for a friend’s party… but we still got dressed up and hit the streets of downtown Stamford. Per usual, Lucas was in fine form for Halloween (see 2010 archives). And even though our original NYC costume party plans were hindered by the extreme weather, we still managed to have an incredible time that night in below-freezing temps.


Brooklyn Bridge

Sunday morning we went to SoNo for a phenomenal brunch at The Brewhouse. We met a married couple from Texas (Brandon & Amanda Lackey) who live in Norwalk. They just moved here this year and they also joined us for brunch, so it was pretty awesome having a table full of Aggies! Sunday evening, Lucas and I went back to NYC to do a little sightseeing. I got plenty of pictures of him, but he hates taking normal pictures. So it was a struggle finding something worthy of this blog post. This is the best i got outta him –>

The weekend was a blast and we’re hoping to make “East Coast” a Halloween Tradition… Maybe Boston next year 🙂