In the middle of a global pandemic, we sold our house after being on the market for 1.5 years.

I understand that’s usually not super noteworthy. But in our case, we had been living in a construction zone for the previous 4 years. For the first 24 months we had a few pieces of plywood and an old sink that we called our kitchen. In the end, we doubled the livable square footage, switched from oil to natural gas and beautified the 1.5 acre property as best we could. We took Will’s childhood home past the studs, all the way down to the foundation and redid every inch of electrical and plumbing. We started out working with the worst contractor in the world and then we found the absolute best one who helped us jump through what felt like a million hoops to satisfy the Town of Greenwich’s silly rules.┬áIt was rough, but it was worth it.

Thankfully, we had the most amazing Realtor ever, Lisa Migliardi. She helped us get the house staged to perfection and brought in an amazing photographer, and ultimately… an all-cash buyer. We’ll always think fondly of the hard work we put in and the memories made but we’re so thrilled to be moving on.

Check out the hype video here:

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