Slow-Carb Diet… Success!

Between my sister’s wedding, traveling to Boston, traveling for work TWICE, Will’s 30th birthday, Claudia’s visit to the East Coast and Hurricane Irene… i haven’t had a chance to give any diet updates. But given the success Will & I have both seen, it is incredibly important that i devote this blog post to the amazing Slow-Carb Lifestyle.

To give you an idea of just how awesome it is…

  • Will lost 23 lbs in the 45 days prior to the wedding in Cancun
  • I lost 11 pounds in the 45 days prior to the wedding in Cancun
  • Both Will & I have been back from Cancun for 4 weeks and only loosely following our diet but i’ve managed to keep all the weight off and Will has lost an additional 3 lbs
  • I’m not proud of this, but: I have only worked out twice in the last 28 days.

I’m not to my goal weight yet, but the bridesmaid dress fit and that was the short-term goal!! I’d like to lose another 7-10 lbs of fat and maintain that weight while toning up some more. I’m not getting any younger, and staying in shape isn’t getting any easier. But with the help of the Slow-Carb lifestyle, i’m able to indulge occasionally while still eating only the stuff that is good for my body and that won’t make me hold on to excess fat.

To some people, it might seem like a very restrictive diet. But to me, it seems like the food choices i should’ve been making all along. Slowly, we all develop bad habits. It starts out as a treat every once in a while. A sweet iced tea at Starbuck’s on a hot summer day. A handful of M&M’s after lunch, from the vending machine at work. A bowl of popcorn after work while you watch tv and unwind. Slowly, the treats become habits. And eventually, these habits turn into thunder thighs and extra belly rolls.

While on the Slow-Carb Diet, there is no need for snacking because you are allowed to eat all the lean proteins, veggies and legumes that you desire. You fill up on all the stuff that is good for your body and leave no room for the things that make you flabby. Even if you don’t think you have the will power to stick to it for a long period of time, i recommend you try it for at least 2 full weeks, if you are interested in losing fat. Unless you break the rules of the diet, i guarantee you will see results in that short time period. If you add a gym regime to the mix, you will be blown away!

Ok, i’ll stop preachin’… if you’re interested, google: “The Four Hour Body”… it’s the book by Tim Ferriss. He is the creator of this diet, and all the other tactics he uses to stay fit & excellent in all realms of life. Buy the book. Read it. And decide how you want to apply it to your life. You will not be disappointed.

Cheat Day is the BEST DAY!

Will and I started following the “Slow Carb Diet” in preparation (read: out of desperation) for my sister’s upcoming Cancun wedding in August. This diet is one part of the “Four-Hour Body” lifestyle made famous by Tim Ferriss, in his book by the same name. The main rules are: no white carbs, no flour or wheat products, no dairy, no sugar/fruits and NO CALORIE COUNTING. *i like that last part So we can eat all the lean meats, green veggies and legumes our heart’s desire. (oh, yippie.)

The only GOOD rule this diet has is: cheat day! Cheat day is not just encouraged, but it’s actually REQUIRED on this diet. Because you deprive your body of (let’s be honest) everything that is delicious in this world all week long… you can actually benefit from eating whatever the heck you want one day a week. This spikes your insulin and boosts your metabolism, and quite frankly, it’s the one thing keeping me sane these days.

Here are a few of the delicious treats from our last cheat day:

copious amounts of mashed potatoes
cheesecake brownie!








And what cheat day would be complete without excessive alcohol consumption?? We abstained from eating hot dogs and drinking beer on the 4th of July, because it didn’t fall on a cheat day. So the following Saturday was my way of making up for lost time 🙂


We are 3 weeks into the diet and i’m down a total of 7 lbs. I believe the last time Will weighed in, he was down 13 lbs! Oh, and did i mention i’m only making it to the gym once a week on this diet?? We also took measurements of our arms, thighs, waist and hips, so we’re excited to track all the progress! Overall, i HIGHLY recommend this diet for anyone who is interested in rapid FAT LOSS. This is not a diet for people who just want to drop a few pounds (of water weight) and gain it all back and then some in a couple months. You have to seriously alter your eating habits, and your lifestyle in order for this to work. In the past, i would just hit the gym hard if i wanted to drop some weight. This is my first time seeing success with DIETING!